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英語は私の母国語ですが、日本語を少し話せます。 練習したいよ!


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draginmastr said: Hello! I can’t remember if you’ve released any part of Doubt, so if you haven’t, would you mind telling me what it is about?

 It’s a collection of 4 short stories, one about SHSL despair Komaeda, also some post-game stuff, and some canon-divergence stuff.  There’s some examples here and here.  (It does have hinted Kamukoma and Hinakoma in it though sorry)

barbed wire prince

Two TINY (like 15 cm x 15cm) Zico portraits (gouache this time).  These were for my colour theory class. They’re in the honours contest now! :) I’m excited.

Block B’s Zicooooooooooo sketches for class. He makes some incredible faces.

stopitsemmatime sent: whispers i'm not sure if you got my email but everything got here safely! hopefully it doesn't happen again idk what was going on there it was weird. and may I ask how much your SDR2 works (Liar and Despair Connoisseur, for release on the 28th I think??) will be approximately, I'm 5000% excited for them and it would be cool to know how much of my pay that week should be put aside for them

I didn’t get an email D: but I’m glad it arrived! Also I’m going to use this as a public announcement since I’ve had a few asks like this.

Liar (the twin AU) book 1 is set to be $15 [36 NEW pages] and doubt -despair ver-  (previously despair connoisseur) is $20 [92~ pages still in progress]. I’m thinking about doing some combo offers for pre-order only, but details are not decided yet.

Originally, I had planned to release them on Komaeda’s birthday, but… This month, I was invited to do a comic in a Danganronpa anthology with a tight deadline schedule (it’s due in a few weeks and will be released next month). Naturally, this took priority over personal projects, but everything is second to school. OTL Which, my weekends lately have been about 80% just drawing for school.

I’ll be sure to keep tumblr updated when pre-orders for my own books are coming up. I’m glad to hear they’re anticipated! I know for certain all planned books (3+ the anthology) will be available before (and at) Anime Expo in July. Thank you!

unoriginal-rin sent: Hi I really liked that little comic you did with Tsumi and Batsu. I was wondering if you had a colour sheet for them by any chance; I'd love to draw some fan art of them if that's ok with you .3.

Omg yeah that’s more than ok!!! This is the best I got right now


If you do draw it, can you please tag it as “carry on sunday” ?? (the name of the comic it’ll be in) I track that tag and I’d love to see it :)

homework, creating/using two visibly different characters (Tsumi and Batsu). All I could think of were violent loan sharks this week.

sorry im so inactive these days
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sorry im so inactive these days


kamukura and komaeda drawn for me by whileothersreap. i’m still in awe!

please check out her commission info. she’s absolutely fantastic!

I am who I am and there is nothing wrong with that

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all i want this spring is for this fandom to come back

I wasn’t going to post these until they were coloured, but it’s Shinra’s birthday so why not ♡